With a background in construction, Kim Gordon brings a highly personalized, 360-degree design experience, from raw land to fully staged environments. Kim creates unique residential, retail and hospitality projects for clients, investors and joint venture partnerships. With a proven development track record for design forecasting, Kim and partner/licensed contractor Mauricio Suarez work with their team of dedicated construction and design professionals. Together, they capitalize investment opportunities that others may have undervalued or overlooked, creating superior rates of return for their investors and partners. Her work has been featured in NY TimesArchitectural DigestForbes and other publications.


Architectural Design

We offer architectural design services for clients looking to build highly personalized, responsive homes that support physical health, mental clarity, and emotional well-being.  

Interior Design

Kim Gordon Designs offers a full-service interior design studio to create resort-inspired, wellness living to a wide range of projects, from soft finish design to full home renovations.  

Real Estate Development

We partner with investors to create one-of-a-kind homes that bring a new level of physical, mental, and emotional design to the luxury home market.   

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