Kim Gordon - Founder, Owner, Principal

Kim Gordon is a designer/builder who creates one-of-a-kind homes where typical distinctions - inside & outdoor areas, public & private spaces - are melded into a new concept of residential living. With an emphasis on flexibility of space, effortless flow between inside and out, and a deep connection to the community, Kim reinterprets modern design for a new generation of homebuyers. Curiosity, passion, and practicality inform her unique take on a variety of styles. Whether it's a Belgian-style farmhouse or Mill Valley-inspired minimalist retreat, Kim's home have the space, beauty, and flow to inspire, while remaining rooted in total day-to-day livability.

Kim has been recognized by The LA Times, California Home+Design, Elle D├ęcor, The Hollywood Reporter, and other publications for her unique position among top Los Angeles designer/builders. She currently lives in Venice in a home of her own design with sons Miles and Dax.


Eric Ramirez - Designer

Eric comes to Kim Gordon Designs with an enviable background in architecture and design. With a bachelor's degree in architecture from the Universidad Autonoma de Sinaloa and close to a decade of experience, Eric works with clients to translate their dream homes into 3D reality. His hobbies include technology and rendering. Yes, he takes his work home with him! 

Patrick Maziarski - Designer

Fresh from the Great White North, Patrick brings incredible design skills and cultural diversity to the table at Kim Gordon Designs. In a previous life, Patrick produced and directed reality TV - shows like Big Brother Canada and The Bachelor Canada. Now, in California and with design credentials from the UCLA Arc+ID program, Patrick is producing incredible residential and commercial projects.

Dalia Estrada - Office Manager

Dalia is a veritable miracle worker who keeps our bustling office organized and efficient. With management skills that stem from experience in multiple architectural and design offices, Dalia is our in-house crosser of Ts, dotter of Is, and overall organizational genius.