Dalia Estrada, Office Manager


Dalia is a veritable miracle worker who keeps our bustling office organized and efficient. With management skills that stem from experience in multiple architectural and design offices, Dalia is our in-house crosser of T's, dotter of I's, and overall organizational genius. 

e. dalia@kimgordondesigns.com



Brenda Hernandez, Office Admin


Brenda comes to us with a management background from the food and beverage industry, which lends itself to the fast pace world of interior design and construction. As our office admin she has her feet on the ground and her ears in the air.

e. brenda@kimgordondesigns.com

Julia DeMarco, Design Assistant


Julia is a jane of all trades in the office, from handling our resource library to curating all of our social media and PR. Being our design assistant she is constantly on the move finding all the latest and greatest trends. 

e. julia@kimgordondesigns.com