Chic Luxe 

Kim Gordon Marina House_Cornelison-62.jpg

Layers of organic and luxurious custom details create a uniquely rich, warm environment. Light, texture, artistic craftsmanship invoke emotion and a sense of sophistication. Your home is designed by thoughtful and seasoned artists with an eye on trends and constant international sourcing. Organic luxury looks like nothing but feels like home.


New Urban Living

We see homes as the new Pop Up Shop for our lives. Floor plans that allow for intimate or intense dinner parties, meetings, book signings, art shows, visiting guests. Harmonizing elements cause you to linger a little longer. Comfortable and sexy. Spaces that are unique and loved because they are crafted that way. Homes where Lovers Make Families.

Designing Inside Out

The interior perspective is our start.  Light and landscape dictate the floor plan with an emphasis on flexibility and practicality for modern living. How a space feels and flows both inside and out with a place for everything. How light rolls across our plaster walls. Your furnishings and artwork personalize the timeless framework we provide.